Sexual Health Education for Children in K-7 with Special Needs

Description of Session (approximately 60 words): In this workshop, you will learn about...

  1. What is sexuality?
  2. Why teach sexual health education early?
  3. Why teach sexual health education to children with special needs?
  4. Why children with special needs are at greater risks of sexual abuse
  5. Other risk factors
  6. What children need to know and when
  7. Why we need to be proactive rather than reactive
  8. Modifying sexuality topics
  9. Delivery methods
  10. Trouble Shooting Challenging Behaviours
  11. Resources, books, Apps, etc.

Target Audience



10:45 AM - 12:15 PM

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  • Kerri Isham

    Kerri Isham is a knowledgeable, experienced and passionate educator, coach and facilitator dedicated to excellence and committed to the empowerment of people of all ages. Her primary goal is to make exploring sexual health fun and meaningful, and to alleviate the shame and embarrassment sometimes associated with this topic. Currently, she runs her own company called Power Up Education specializing in sexual health education for preschool to Grade 12. Her three main areas of focus are sexual abuse prevention, special needs education, and the impact of pornography viewing on children and youth. Kerri completed the Sexual Health Educator’s Certification program in June 2011 with Options for Sexual Health in Vancouver.