Keynote - Trauma invested communication

Effective communication approaches are critical to establishing and maintaining relationships. And when dysregulation or disconnection occurs and someone goes - or both of you go - to the downstairs brain, effective communication, grounded in self-regulation, purpose, and connection, might be the only thing that can save you! Intentional Communication is essential when trying to create a culture of safety for your staff and students and families. Communication struggles and breakdowns are often the key culprits of impact on the creation of the nest and often key focuses of our consultation with buildings, districts, and settings. We will review our mindsets and ways to work with the mindsets of those we serve and how those can impact connection and safety. We will explore our roles and ways we can help reframe and support repair following a disruption or a break in communication. We will talk through the steps to trauma invested communication and provide some strategies for support. Join award winning author Kristin Souers as she leads you through a training on best practices for Trauma Invested Communication.

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9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

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  • Kristin Souers

    Kristin Souers, MA LMHC is an award-winning author of Fostering Resilient Learners: Strategies for creating a trauma-sensitive classroom environment (ASCD, 2016), Relationship, Responsibility, and Regulation: Trauma-invested practices for fostering resilient learners (ASCD 2019), and many other publications and articles. She provides critical professional development, consultation, education, and training services to schools, school districts, and organizations throughout the country. She has presented to thousands of audiences, facilitated group learning, supervised internships, directed programs, been an adjunct professor at Gonzaga University in their Masters in Counseling Program, and supported the learning and growth of countless educators, caregiving professionals, and other individuals.