Teachers of Inclusive Education British Columbia

Crosscurrents Online 2020

 October 23, 2020

Keynote - Trauma-Sensitive Education

This keynote will highlight the impacts that early developmental trauma, experiential trauma and the current unpredictable pandemic may be having upon teaching and learning. Educators will gain deeper insights and compassionate curiosity about how to support both our students and ourselves in times of significant stress, and beyond. Emphasis will be on attuned co-regulation and fostering resilience in our school environments.


  • Kim Barthel

    Kim Barthel is a sought-after speaker and award-winning occupational therapist, best-selling author and internationally recognized clinician in the areas of childhood trauma, attachment theory, sensory processing and developmental disability. Through engaging storytelling, Kim provides cutting-edge insights into neuroscience and trans-disciplinary practice, with a passionate mission to support the conscious evolution of the human spirit. For more info see www.kimbarthel.ca.